Are these panels Florida Building Code / Miami-Dade Approved?

Yes, Florida Building Code # FL-15877. 

The Miami-Dade requirement is under Florida Building Code #15877.4.

What is the Hurricane / Wind Speed / Impact Rating?

Our panels are approved for Wind Zone 4 Missile D which is the highest rating available.    

Approved products are not engineered or tested for wind speed but Design Pressure. Wind Speed is only one component in determining the Design Pressure requirement.

What kind of blade is used to cut the panels?

A fine tooth blade or laminate blade will work to cut the panels.

Does it matter which way the panels are installed?

They can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

How far apart does the hardware need to be installed?

The hardware should be installed 6" from the end of the panel on each side and 12" on center around the opening.

If you are using a panel connector to connect panels together the spacing should be 6" from the end of the panel and 10" on center. 

The holes should be drilled 1" from the edge of the panel.

How do I remove the protective film if they have been left out in the sun?

This is a difficult problem which does not always have a successful outcome.  There are no guarantees this will work. 

This should be done out of direct sunlight where the temperature is not too high.

First, pressure wash the sheet with soapy water (car shampoo or similar) to remove any loose film).

Apply WD-40, white kerosene, or ethanol to the edges of the film and allow to soak for a few minutes. It is better to work over small areas. (Test any chemical to be used against a small sample of the sheet to test for effectiveness and that it does not discolor or damage the polycarbonate.)

Peel film away (or pressure wash). Do not use scrapers or brushes as these may damage the surface.

This process will need to be repeated until the protective film has been removed.

Pressure wash the sheet with soapy water to remove any cleaning products.

Finally, rinse the sheet with clean water.